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Nobody notices the windows until they’re dirty. And when they do, they aren’t paying attention to the important part – YOU and your business. Fortunately, AllPro 24×7 is here to help.  

Your windows work best when nobody notices them.

Our Services

Window Cleaning

We clean windows. At your home or your office, we aim to make your windows so clean you can barely see them.

Roof Anchor Systems

No matter where we are, safety is our number one concern. All of our roof anchor system components are engineered to withstand the rigors of regular use for years of safe, trouble-free service.

Lift Services Rental

Some places rent you a mechanical lift and expect you to be able to use it safely with less than 5 minutes of instruction. But with AllPro 24×7, one of our qualified operators will help you operate the lift, so you can work and not worry about how to drive a lift without crashing.

Lot Striping

We offer services beyond windows. A well marked parking lot can help you make a great first impression. We have the equipment and experience to help you look as impressive as you are.

Snow Plowing

Lines in a parking lot aren’t worth much if you can’t see them. We can help you keep your parking lot looking great, and safe for your customers.

Snow Removal (Haul Away)

Not only can we help you plow the snow in your lot, we can even haul it away to keep your lot clean and easily accessible.

I have had the pleasure of having All Pro 24×7 clean my windows the past 12 years! Shawn Garcia has great skills, very responsible, and is a delight to work with each time I call for service.

We have worked directly with Shawn Garcia, All Pro 24×7, for the past six years. He has been cleaning the exterior windows of our 20-story building on a quarterly basis for over eight years. This building has literally hundreds of windows of all sizes and shapes.

Shawn and his crew have been good to work with and they’ve done a great job for us. He and his employees are conscientious, professional, considerate, safe, and they get our windows clean. We rarely have to ask to have any window(s) redone, but if we do, Shawn takes care of it right away without complaint.

I can recommend Shawn and All Pro 24×7 without reservation. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this, feel free to call me.

Mike Saunders, Community Manager
Park Towers

910 Assoicates, Inc., owner of a 12 story historical office building located in downtown Denver has been doing business with Shaen Garica and his window washing company for over 20 years. During that time, Shawn has always been reliable and dependable. His service have included the cleaning of both interior and exterior windows. Due to the age of the building the staging can very challenging. Shawn has always come through for us without complaint. He has consistently provided us with a high quality of service at competive rates. He takes pride in his work. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone needing his services.

David L. Kaufman, CPM
910 Associates, Inc.



One of our experienced team members will inspect your facility to determine the scope and difficulty of your project’s needs.



We will create a customized cleaning plan for your facility. (We have insurance certificates available on request.


Execute & Review

After the job is done, we will perform a quality inspection with you to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

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