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 36 years ago, Shawn Garcia decided to bring his commitment to excellence to window cleaning. That commitment has stayed the same from the first window he cleaned for McDonalds at the 16th Street Mall to the windows he cleans today. Over the years, AllPro 24×7 has expanded into other areas of maintenance including lot striping, snow plowing and removal, and lift rental services.

We are only as good as the last window we clean.

-Shawn Garcia

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Our Philosophy

We plan ahead to ensure that our crew is safe and prepared to excel whether we are cleaning windows on the first floor or the sixty-fifth.
Attention to detail

If we do our job right, you will barely notice your windows. Which is why we train our staff to pay close attention to the details. A job worth doing is worth doing right.


We are only as good as the last window we’ve cleaned. And if for some reason we didn’t get it right, we will make it right.

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